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Free Sound Recorder 9.4

This program allows you to record the sound from various sources for free
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As its name suggests, Free Sound Recorder is a free application that allows recording any sound played through your audio card or from devices connected to your computer. Don’t get the wrong idea that if it’s free it’s also shallow and minimalistic. Free Sound Recorder is actually powerful and feature-rich, including many handy functions and options.

This application can be used to capture the sound from connected external devices such as cassette or vinyl players, helping you digitize the music from older formats such as these ones. It can also be used to record the sound played by online radio stations. I also like the fact that it provides advanced features such as automatic control gain, a “voice active system” that can detect the silence and start or stop the recording according to it, or comprehensive output format settings that enable you to configure every little detail of the target file, such as bit rate or quality level. This program can save the recordings to the popular MP3, WAV, OGG and WMA file formats.

The interface is pretty neat and appealing, making it easy to ignore that it cannot be resized or customized in any way. Furthermore, it comes with complete scheduling options that let you set up the recording process to be preformed automatically at future times without your intervention. The only thing I dislike about this application is that it doesn't provide any audio editing functions on its own, but it comes bundled with a stand-alone audio editor (“Cool Record Edit Pro”). This leads to all sorts of inconveniences, such as the fact that it makes the download size of this tool considerably larger.

Anyway, this tool deserves a lot of praising and appreciations as it offers for free what other applications offer for quite a lot of money.

Margie Smeer
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  • Includes an Automatic Gain Control (AGC) function to adjust the volume of the recordings.
  • Voice recognition system that helps automatically skip silent passages.
  • Neat and intuitive interface


  • Lacks any post-recording sound editing functions.
  • Its interface cannot be resized or customized.
  • Can save the recording only to 4 file formats
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